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Dusk to Dawn Chaperones focuses on the special needs of educational and student tours. We provide professional Night Chaperones for all overnight assignments. Our Night Chaperones are competent and dedicated members selected to deal with the student tour industry. Our staff clearly understands the special chaperone service needed to deal with students, the dedication to maintain that special need and the protection that is a must with the future’s investment: our youth and their education.

We can provide a staff to monitor and oversee tour groups while the students enjoy their stay at lodging facilities reserved for them. Most hotels and motels allow guests to conduct their behavior in any manner they choose, and then bill them the liability after the damage is done. Our company is here to protect your liability, your tours and the future of our youth. We can monitor your tour group’s movement and protect both your company and groups from outside elements that may cause irreparable damage and unfortunate costly incidents. We can put an end to those companies showing up late, or NOT showing up at all.

We can protect in any hotel and motel environment.

Four Point Protection Plan

Dusk to Dawn Chaperones provides a professional and dedicated staff to oversee the students during evening hours. Our protection plan eliminates all after hour activity.

  • Headcount of all students with Tour Chaperones
  • Night Chaperones assigned to each floor
  • Hourly compliance checks
  • Nightly written reports with all tours

Parents and chaperones area allowed to get a full night’s rest before going out on daily tours.