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Our Night Chaperones

Our Night Chaperones’ appearance command respect and professionalism. We project the utmost positive appearance that reflects on the judgement of the tour groups obtaining our services. We are not the uniform with the square badge.

Why Choose Dusk to Dawn Chaperones?

Some companies learn from their mistakes, we learn not to make them. Dusk to Dawn Chaperones focuses on the special needs of educational and student tours. We provide professional Night Chaperones for all overnight assignments. Our Night Chaperones are competent and dedicated members meticulously selected to deal with the student tour Industry.

  • Our services were exclusively designed for the student tour industry
  • student tour compstat
  • Our Night Chaperones have heard every excuse from students to exit their rooms during curfew
  • We implement lights out policy with every group

  • We don’t disturb your group leaders during the evening hours for minor issues
  • Written nightly reports provided to group leader prior to Night Chaperones departure

  • We have a $5 million insurance policy

Professional Office Staff

Dusk to Dawn Chaperones’s professional office staff will assist you in reserving your evening coverage. Whether you are reserving for 10 nights or 2,000 nights, our staff will assure your coverage is booked, confirmed and dispatched to the appropriate district for your groups. Our staff will provide you with all contact numbers your groups will need in each district, provide with confirmation numbers for each tour group, and they will also provide you with the name of the night chaperones who will be covering your groups.

All you have to do is show up to your hotel and leave the rest to us!

Professional Evening Chaperones for Traveling Students.

When you don’t want to take a chance on hoping someone will be at your hotel to greet your group and take over the floors during the evening hours, Dusk to Dawn Chaperones, is the way to go!

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