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Chaperone Services

Dusk to Dawn Chaperones provides professional Night Chaperones for all overnight assignments. We will monitor and oversee tour groups for protecting students.

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Reserving Services

Reserving our services is fast and easy through our Online Reservation tool. Fill out our form and a representative will contact you.

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Giving peace of mind to schools and travel companies since 1999

Dusk to Dawn Chaperones is the innovator and only chaperone company that focuses on the special needs of educational and student tours. We provide professional night chaperones for all overnight assignments. Our night chaperones and senior night chaperones are competent and dedicated members meticulously selected to deal with the student tour Industry.

Our night chaperones appearance command respect and professionalism. We project the utmost positive appearance that reflects on the judgement of the tour groups obtaining our services. We are not the uniform with the square badge.